Energy Performance Certificate in Rental Properties

The regulations surrounding Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) changed on the 1st April 2018 in England & Wales. There has been concerns within the industry with uncertainty amongst Estate agents, Landlords and tenants alike as to when these changes would come into effect and just what the implications of these changes would mean for all of those involved.

When did you last check your electrical appliances for electrical damage?

Dangerous electrical appliances can be a leering death trap in your home. Most people think of dangerous electrical appliances as ones that are old or which have obvious damage to them. The startling fact is that any electrical appliance has the potential to cause a fatal electrical shock or serious house fire. As a leading electrical company in Coventry, I have earned my reputation by putting electrical safety in the heart of everything I do.

Avoiding electric shock at your next party in Coventry

There is always an excuse for a party, whether its for house warming, a new job or a family surprise. More people are now opting to hold a family at home to avoid the expense of pricey venues. Decorating your home ahead of the party is part of the excitement, however it is important not to cut corners on electrical items. Doing so may lead to electric shock.


The scary reality of party lights

Is your e-cigarette putting you in electrical danger?

E-cigarette use is enjoying a bit of a boom currently, with record numbers of people using it as a way of quitting smoking. However when it comes to charging them, it is presenting users with a different kind of problem altogether. The chargers supplied with the e-cigarette are the genuine product, however users are commonly buying additional chargers which are a cheaper 'universal' version of the charger supplied. E-cigarettes have varying charging voltages leading to many cases of electrical damage, fire and in the worst cases explosion.