BS5839:6 2019 Is Now In Force Quick Tip No. 1

Quick Tip: BS5389:6 Has been updated. The new grade is grade F2. This is the lowest rating on the detector scale. This is a user replaceable battery typically 9v and is often seen in many of our homes (usually yellowed and non-functional) because the battery has been removed or it was "Chirping" (because the battery was failing). Another Quick Tip: Landlords Please Take Note; These are NOT suitable for the rental market.

New Regulations For Electrical Checks In Rental Properties

Electrical Testing Advice for Landlords

Plans for mandatory five-year electrical safety checks in the private rental sector in England have finally been confirmed by the UK government.  This move, which requires further legislation, means that all landlords will be required to have an electrical check (EICR) on their property(s) by a qualified electrician. This rule will mirror those already in operation in Scotland whose rental safety standards currently far outweigh those of the rest of the UK.

Do you charge your phone safely?

A mistake that perhaps many of us are guilty of making is the way we charge our phones. Phone batteries are known for going flat at the most annoying of times.The most sensible way to charge a phone is on a worktop away from wet areas or soft furnishings. However this can also mean that you might miss an important phone call or can't continue with that live chat in comfort!

HMO Licensing Order may affect some landlords with HMO properties

Widespread reforms are on the way that will affect some landlords with HMO properties - If you own one of the 500 private properties in Coventry currently listed as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) you need to be aware that licensing changes are to be introduced on 1st October 2018.

The government deadline is when the Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Order 2018 automatically replaces the 2016 Order meaning no further time will be granted for landlords to make the required changes.

Energy Performance Certificate in Rental Properties

The regulations surrounding Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) changed on the 1st April 2018 in England & Wales. There has been concerns within the industry with uncertainty amongst Estate agents, Landlords and tenants alike as to when these changes would come into effect and just what the implications of these changes would mean for all of those involved.