Electrics in a Garden Building

The installation of electrics in a garden building such as a shed, summerhouse or garage can allow you to make full use of the space. 

This can turn a garage from just a place to store the lawnmower to a fully equipped workshop, or your summerhouse into a home office space. Electrical Experts are based in Coventry and are your local, reliable electrician. We are here to tell you more about adding electrics to your garden building.

Planning an Electrical Installation in a Garden Building

Before any electrical work is undertaken in your garden building you will need to ascertain whether the building is suitable. To allow for a safe electrical installation, your garden building must be both watertight and structurally sound. A reputable electricians will only install electrics in a garden building if it is safe to do so. An electrical supply must be protected from the elements to ensure your safety. If the garden building at your Coventry home shows any signs of water leaks or other damage, then you will need to have this repaired before the electrical work can begin.

The next step in adding electrics to the garden building at your Coventry home is to consider what you would like to use the space for. Careful thought and planning at this stage will ensure your electrical installation lives up to its full potential and meets all your needs. Your electrician will help you with this planning. They will ask pertinent questions about where you would like sockets and switches and encourage you to consider if your needs may change in the future. Thinking about these things at this stage will ensure that your sockets and switches don’t end up hidden behind furniture or in the wrong location for your appliances. You should also advise your electrician if you plan on using any machinery in your garden building that has high power demands. They will then make certain that the new electrics are up to the task.

he armoured cable for your garden buildings electrical supply can be laid either underground or overground. Underground cabling is generally the preferred option for most Coventry homeowners as it is more discreet. To do this a trench will need to be dug in your garden and this may cause some disruption to your planting in the short term. Your electrician will discuss this with you before they begin working on your project.

Some of the electrics you can consider adding to your Coventry garden building include:

  • Power sockets

  • Lighting – both internal and external

  • Heating

  • Workshop equipment

  • Entertainment equipment such as a TV 

Who can add Electrics to a Garden Building?

Adding electrics to a garden building is covered by Part P of the Building regulations as notifiable work. Only a registered electrician may perform the installation to ensure both compliance with regulations and to ensure your safety. Electricians can be registered with either NICEIC or NAPIT and registration means they have been independently assessed for the quality of their workmanship and their understanding of the regulations. By choosing a registered electrician you will be assured of an installation that is in full compliance of the guidelines. They are also permitted to self-certify and sign off the works. Always check your electrician’s credentials before instructing them to begin work.

Electrical Experts are your experienced and reliable Coventry based electricians. We have many years of experience in installing electrics in garden buildings and are fully qualified and NICEIC registered. If you would like to discuss adding power to your garden building, call Quality Electrician today.