Condensation on a window in a room without effective ventilation

Condensation on a window in a room without effective ventilation

Installing an extractor fan will help you to remove the moisture caused by cooking and bathing in your Coventry property.

The removal of this moisture will help keep your property free from damp and mould. If you are suffering from the problems associated with excess moisture, and are considering installing an extractor fan, Electrical Experts are your trusted local electrician in Coventry.

Why install an extractor fan?

If left untreated, high humidity levels in a property can leave you suffering with damp, condensation and mould issues. This is unpleasant to live in, can have an impact on your health and can also cause damage to the fabric of your home. Installing an effective extractor fan is the ideal solution. A well-planned extractor fan installation will greatly reduce the humidity in your home. It will remove the damp air from your home, preventing it from collecting and condensing in any cool spots.
Humid, moisture laden air is created when we cook, bathe, and simply breathe within our homes. The easiest way to remove this moisture laden air it is to open the windows. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. This can be because it makes a room cold, because the window opens into a non-private space or because there is no window. An extractor fan installation can provide an effective alternative. An extractor fan lets the damp air out without letting the cold air in, keeps your bathroom space private and can be installed even in a room without windows. 

Who can install an extractor fan?

To install an extractor fan safely requires both skill and electrical knowledge. A qualified and registered electrician should be called upon to complete the installation.  A qualified electrician will understand the potential risks electricity and water can create and will perform a safe, compliant installation. Your property could be left at risk of electrical fire and your family at risk of electric shock if an unqualified person attempts the installation. A poorly installed extractor fan is also unlikely to be effective at removing moisture properly. An experienced electrician will ensure the extractor is safely installed, located in the most appropriate spot, and is vented correctly.

Choosing the right extractor fan 

Your electrician will need to know a few things before making recommendations for your new extractor fan. Using the dimensions of the room the extractor fan is to be installed in, they will calculate the optimum rate of extraction. This will be measured in either metres cubed per hour or litres per second. The larger the room, the higher the extraction rate. Your electrician will also ask what kind of usage the room sees. This will be taken into consideration and, if necessary, a more powerful extractor will be recommended.
They will also consider the location the extractor fan is to be installed in. An extractor fan installed in an ensuite bathroom or in a shared house should be a quieter model to avoid disturbing other members of the household. You will be asked how you would like your extractor fan to be controlled. The most common extractor fan control method is via the light switch. There are also manually operated systems, predominantly kitchen extractor fans, or a humidistat sensor control is an option. A humidistat sensor detects moisture in the air and switches the fan on and off automatically. This allows you to simply forget about your extractor fan as it can be relied upon to switch itself on and off as needed.

If you would like to see how an extractor fan installation can help keep your home free from damp, mould, and condensation, call Electrical Experts Coventry today. My team of experienced, fully qualified and NICEIC registered electricians will be happy to help. We are your friendly, local, professional electrician in Coventry. Contact us today.