BS5839:6 2019 Is Now In Force

BS5839:6 2019 Is Now In Force - Find Out More

Quick Tip: BS5839:6 2019 Has been updated. There are two grades at the top of the system, grade C & grade A. The grade C is a system with fire detectors and alarm sounders (which could be combined in the form of smoke alarms) then connected to a common mains power supply. This would then comprise of the normal mains and standby supply with a central control box. These systems are mainly found in larger buildings such as care homes and or sheltered housing. 

Another Quick Tip: Landlords Please Take Note. These are suitable for your own home. the private rental sector market, HMO's & sheltered housing etc. However I have never been asked or advised to fit this grade C or grade A system in a HMO. But as normal check with your local authority who can advise you accordingly.