Avoiding electric shock at your next party in Coventry

Avoiding electric shock at your next party in Coventry

There is always an excuse for a party, whether its for house warming, a new job or a family surprise. More people are now opting to hold a family at home to avoid the expense of pricey venues. Decorating your home ahead of the party is part of the excitement, however it is important not to cut corners on electrical items. Doing so may lead to electric shock.


The scary reality of party lights

As a certified electrician in Coventry, I see many dangerous party lights in use in peoples homes. Some of the lighting is simply indoor lighting being used outside and in other cases, the lighting itself is actually dangerous.


Dangerous lighting can cause electric shock and fire. Remember any item that is plugged into a socket has the potential to kill so it is important that all appliances meet the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European Standard. In basic terms this means that so long as you buy your lighting from a reputable retailer then it should be safe for use.


The problem occurs from people buying from traders who may source their lighting from outside the EU or who buy on line from unknown suppliers.


Do not underestimate the electrical dangers of party lights. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of assuming the lights will be ok because they're only being used for one night. Never take a risk with any dubious party product, it is better not to have it than risk electric shock and house fire.


What sort of dangers you should look for?

As an electrician in Coventry, I highly recommend that you do not use any lights which have been purchased from an unknown source. Before the lighting is used it is important to carry out an inspection of the lights, cord and the parts that come with them.




  • The cord for damage and any bare wires that are visible. Do not use the lights if your spot damage like this.


  • The plug and control box. Make sure the cord if firmly attached to both the plug and the control box. If you are able to pull it out or expose any bare wires than this could cause an electric shock if plugged in.


  • Ensure that you cannot access any electrical parts. Check the control box cannot be opened and is free of damage and access holes. Ensure the lights themselves cannot come apart easily.


  • Ensure the cord has adequate insulation – in basic terms the cord should not feel thin and flimsy as if its just about covering the bare wires.


What electrical dangers can dangerous party lights cause?

Aside from devastating consequences such as electric shock and fire, dangerous party lights can cause expensive damage to your home electrics. They can cause sockets and wiring inside walls to overheat. As a registered electrician in Coventry, I would recommend that you contact an electrician for advice if you experience sockets that are warm to the touch when in use or have noticed that your electrics trip on a regular basis for no apparent reason. This things will occur even if you have stopped using the party lights as damage may have already occurred from using them.


The longer an electrical problem is left in your home, the more damage it causes which of course then becomes more costly to repair. If you suspect an electrical problem, it is important to contact your local qualified and registered electrician at the earliest opportunity.