Are home batteries the power of the future?

Are home batteries the power of the future?

Most homes in the UK are still completely dependant on the National Grid for their electricity needs. With this comes the relentless battles against energy price increases and the constant need to save money by reducing energy use.


Renewable energies such as solar panels do a great job, however the peak solar – when the sun is at its highest is in the middle of the day where demand for energy is at it's lowest. So rather than simply loose all that energy back to the grid (which ironically, you may have to 'purchase' back at peak evening time rates) why not store this energy in the form of a home battery during the day to use at night time.


This is exactly what Tesla have come up with. The Tesla home battery is going to roll out in America this Summer and no doubt will soon be making it's way to the UK. Tesla already have an impressive record for super cars and are leading the way in electric hybrid cars. Naturally, storing energy in the form of a home battery is going to be one of their strong points!


Energy storage for a sustainable home


Known as the Powerwall, this neat white slimline unit badged with the famed Tesla branding would fit neatly into a modern home. The battery charges using electricity generated from solar panels or alternatively when utility rates are low to power your home during the evening when rates and demand is high. Not only does this save money in real terms, but the unit also fortifies your home against power cuts – the battery will continue to work in the event of a power cut thereby giving you complete independence from the National Grid.


The Tesla home battery would be a perfect compliment to an eco home with existing solar panels or as an alternative source of energy in properties where solar panels are not suitable.


No need to reduce energy usage

In this day and age we are so used to being told to reduce energy consumption – switch lights off when not in use, only boil enough water for what you need etc. In reality, the everyday demands of living make these options difficult to live with. The great thing about the Tesla home battery is that there will be enough power in one battery for most homes to function normally during peak evening hours without the battery running flat. However, additional batteries can be installed for larger homes or homes with higher energy demands.


No maintenance and easy installation

A qualified electrician would need to install the Powerwall. Once installed no maintenance is required so it really is a fit and forget solution. Unlike current generation home batteries, the Tesla unit is not bulky, is straightforward and therefore cost effective to install and requires no maintenance at all.


As a Coventry electrician, I think the Powerwall would present a real solution for energy saving without limiting use. Our reliance on electricity is growing year on year and households cannot keep simply accepting the soaring prices of direct electricity costs.