Today whilst grabbing a quick breakfast in a Coventry café, an electrical awareness article sponsored by a well known gas company caught my eye. The article quite rightly stated that an inspection of the cable in your home was recommended in order to maintain a safe standard of electrical safety. As part of the electrical services in Coventry that I offer, I always recommend to home owners that they have an EICR carried out on their property if they have not had one carried out within the last 10 years.


Have an EICR carried out


An EICR is similar to an MOT on a car – it is a visual check on your property to ensure that your home electrical system continues to keep you safe. One of the key things I look at as part of an EICR is the condition of the wiring within the property. Only this last Monday did I read an article in my local newspaper, the Coventry Telegraph to read of local residents being evacuated from their homes due to an electrical fault caused by a faulty electricity cable. Thankfully all residents escaped uninjured, however faulty cables can go undetected for some time. Fires have started inside walls and loft joists can overheat due to cable overheating. In this instance, the fires began inside downstairs cupboards at 1am.


Cables can deteriorate over time


Unfortunately many households that I visit in and around Coventry and Birmingham, have often overlooked the advantages that an EICR can offer to them until electrical damage has already occurred. Remember, just because your lights are working fine doesn't mean everything is fine!


An EICR is more than just about your cables though, As electricians in Coventry, we also check that you have the latest in electrical safety technology installed in your home. I am a firm believer that all households should have RCD protection. RCD protection has been a compulsory requirement in recent years with all newly installed consumer units offering this level of protection. RCD's have been responsible for saving many lives in recent years by cutting power in a fraction of a second on appliances that develop faults as well as human error such as accidentally touching a live cable.


Upgrading your consumer unit is the best way of improving electrical safety in your home. It protects you and your loved ones, not to mention your biggest asset – your property.


Electricity can kill


Imagine all the risky jobs that are carried out in your home – DIY, mowing the lawn, appliances like washing machines left unattended, not to mention hand-held appliances like irons and hair dryers. Chances with electricity should never be taken. If you are avoiding using certain sockets, and are cagey about switches that spark when you turn them on or are noticing your lights flickering then you need to consult an electrician in Coventry to carry out an EICR. Do not wait for the problem to develop as you could be costing a life – or at best a bigger hole burnt in your pocket.


The Outcome


The outcome of the electrical fire in the local newspaper was that residents had to spend the night in a hotel – alright for some you might think but personally I'd rather save such nights for special occasions. The fire service was called and faced with acrid smoke. Currently electrical fires are the biggest reason for calling out the fire service and is often caused by something completely preventable and easily remedied.

Just to end this post – and for those who are interested. I attended a property in Coventry today where the tenant had received an electric shock from a toaster. The call received was that the toaster didn't work. It transpired that the lady had used a knife to retrieve a hot cross bun when she received the shock. Thank goodness the outcome was a defunct toaster and a sore arm – this could've been far worse. Remember, Electrical injury can result in death.